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Sell A Car & Get Cash Today

Cash for Cars 

Hey! We are the junk car boys, and we are the cash for cars guys. That means we are the authority on selling your used car. We are a car buyer that has a location in every major city. We specialize in buying junk, old, and wrecked cars. If you need to sell it fast…or are having a hard time selling your vehicle because there is something wrong with it…then we are exactly what you have been looking for.

It doesn’t matter where your car is located at. Even if you have a clunker at the mechanic shop, a friends driveway, the tow yard, or the side of the road. We can get a tow truck out to you to buy that scrap hunk.

Here is how the process works when we buy cars

  • You call us or fill out an online quote.
  • We tell you the price we can pay for it, or email a price back to you
  • If you agree, our dispatcher shedules a good time to meet with you at the vehicle
  • A tow truck arrives on time, and with cash to pay for your car
  • You sign the paper work, hand over the title and keys, and receive the cash
  • The tow truck driver hooks up your car, and heads out
  • You are rich, happy, and problem free

Selling a car is now so easy

The cash for car guys are here to save you. We know how annoying and dangerous it can be to try and sell a car. There are so many people out there that will just waste your time, and play the haggleing games with you.

So Call Us Today and get the car sold by tonight.

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