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The Junk Car Boys – Cash For Cars True Hollywood Story

The Junk Car Boys have a humble beginning. The company was started by a young man named Joel Hahn, and his younger brother Andrew Hahn. They were both unemployed, and not sure what direction to head in life. Joel had a background in cars from working in the service department at a local dealership after graduating highschool. He bought a couple of cars out of the auctions that the employees were allowd to participate in. The cars were old, junk, and wrecked, but Joel had a bigger vision for those cars. His co-workers made fun of him for buying the junk cars and thought it was foolish of him to waste his money.

Joel worked on those cars and made them worth something again. He ended up turning a small profit after he sold them. After that, Joel was hooked. He knew that if he could somehow do this in volume, he would be able to make a living from it, but he didn’t think it would be possible to do so he continued working a normal job.

The next piece of the puzzle came together when Joel was approached by a friend that got him involved in the metal recycling industry. It didn’t last long, but it was enough for Joel to have an idea about how it works.

Later in life Joel had a warehouse job that he was working. He ended up having to quit so that he could move back home to take care of his mom who was getting very sick. So here he was unemployed and living at his parents house. That is where the idea began growing in his head. So he called a local car buyer, and set up a meeting. He pitched some of his ideas to the owner of the company, and the owner liked what Joel had to say. So he hired on Joel to implement his ideas.

While working for the car buyer, Joel saw a lot of dishonesty in the auto industry. Joel didn’t like what he saw, so he left the company weeks later. Joel was armed with more knowledge of the industry, and set out to change the dishonest practices that were taking place. Joel asked his dad for a little bit of cash to help him buy a car dolly. So Joel began the local business using a car dolly and his dads old van. During this initial growth, Joel asked his little brother Andrew to jump on board the business venture.

The company grew fast. So fast that Joel needed tow trucks. Eventually that turned into more tow trucks, and tow yards. Then mechanics, detailers, painters, managers, etc. The business was going so well that it was time to expand. So it was decided that Andrew would head to the nearest city to open up shop. Andrew started the seattle branch, and grew into another successful business.

The two boys knew that they had an awesome service to provide to the public. Not only was it awesome…but it was honest. They were different from a lot of the other companies. The boys would get a lot of returning customers and recommendations that kept the business flourishing. So they decided to continue expanding. Today the Junk Car Boys are running in every major city of the USA. They are constantly trying to work on new ideas that allows them to make more per car…which allows them to pay out more for every car. That is why they are becoming known as the highest junk car buyers in America. 

That is a quick overview on how the Junk Car Boys have come to be known as the cash for car guys.

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